Our Roadmap To Reopening

It has been a long time since we've welcomed you to our tea rooms. A lot has changed since we last opened our doors. At Cup, our customer's wellbeng is one of our top priorities. We've taken this time to update our service, train our staff, and update our offering to ensure that we continue to provide the best experience we can, while keeping both you and our team safe.

Updated Hours of Business

Cup Tea Rooms will operate with slightly different opening hours. The new hours are:

  • Monday - Wednesday: 9am to 6pm.
  • Thursday - Sunday: 9am to 5pm


Gin71 Renfield St will open after Cup Tea Rooms closes in the evening on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 5pm only. Gin71 Merchant City is open 7 nights a week after Cup Tea Rooms closes.
For further details, please visit Gin71's own website:

Visit Gin71's Website
More Info on our Renfield St branch
More Info on our Merchant City branch

Changes You Will See

While our team will continue to do everything they can to ensure service is as familar as possible, there will be some important changes to how we work in order to keep everyone safe.

Track & Trace

In accordance with the Scottish Government's Track & Trace program, we will collect contact information from you when you arrive at the restaurant. (For information on our data collection policy, click here)

Arrival Temperature Checks

When you arrive at Cup, a scanner at the door will automatically take a temperature reading. It will let you know whether it is safe for you to proceed into the premises. If the scanner detects an elavated temperature or fever, you will be asked not to enter the premises. We encourage all of our guests to ensure that they are feeling well, and not exhibiting any of the known symptoms of Covid-19 before travelling to visit us.

Face Masks for our Team

Our staff will be wearing face coverings over their nose and mouth. This is both to protect them and our customers. We understand that this can feel unusual at first, however it is important the our team wear these to keep them safe in the workplace.

Reduced Noise Levels / Reduced Background Music

Because raising your voice increases the distance that droplets from your breath travel, the Scottish Goverment have required us to lower background noise wherever possible, including background music. This is to ensure that no one needs to raise their voice above a normal speaking tone in order to be heard clearly.

Further Information

For more information, you can contact our team who will be happy to help.