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Booking & Reservation Terms

  • We do not take bookings for 'Tea & Cakes', or for 'Drinks'. For these visits, we work on a first come - first serve basis. We never book out all of our tables, so you are always welcome to come along without a reservation and we will do our best to get you a table as soon as possible. We only take reservations for Brunch, Lunch or Afternoon Tea midweek, and only for Breakfast or Afternoon Tea on a Saturday.

  • All standard bookings are allocated a booking time limit. Wherever possible, we will allow customers as long as they'd like at their table, however during times where we have back to back bookings, such as at weekends, we respectfully ask our customers to respect this time policy, to allow others to enjoy Cup. The time limit is 90 minutes.

  • Running Late? We will hold your table for 15 minutes while we try to contact you by phone. If we cannot get in touch with you, the table will be released after 15 minutes.
  • Cup charges a 10% service charge on tables of 6 or more guests. This is passed directly to the team who look after you during your visit.
  • For larger groups or tables, we will ask for credit/debit card details in order to confirm your booking. This avoids us needing to charge a deposit up front. We will not charge your card in order to book your table. In the event of a late cancellation or no show, you will be charged.
  • Charges are up to £20.00 per person for a cancelled Afternoon Tea (or failure to arrive - 'no-show') or £10.00 per person for a cancelled Lunch booking (or failure to arrive - 'no-show').
  • A late cancellation is a cancellation within 2 hours of your seating time for groups of less than 8, or within 7 days of your seating time for large groups of 8 or more people (or failure to arrive - 'no-show').
  • For larger bookings charges of £5 per person apply for
    cancellations within seven days. Any
    cancellations within 48 hours will be charged the
    full price for Afternoon Tea.
  • All bookings of 8 or more people will be provided with a personal booking confirmation document. Please refer to this document for full conditions of your reservation
  • If you are booking using a Cup voucher (a voucher sold by Cup - not through a 3rd party such as Itison), you do not need to include the voucher code with your booking. Simply bring along a printed copy of the voucher with you when you visit. Please note that if you are using a third party voucher (such as an Itison or Groupon deal) then you must adhere to their terms and conditions, which may be different from these. Please refer to your voucher for more information.
  • By completing a booking with us, you are agreeing to the full terms and conditions listed.
  • Our Gift Vouchers and Cards are subject to availability. They may not be used on Mother's Day, as this is a pre-paid event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a table for drinks?

Unfortunately not. We welcome customers wishing to join us for cocktails, tea, coffee etc any time, but we do not take advance bookings for this. (For more information about Gin71, please see the information further down this page)

What if I need to cancel my booking?

We ask that you let us know in advance, as a short-notice cancellation can result in significant wastage, due to the amount of food we bake to order for your visit.We require a minimum of 2 hours notice for tables of up to 8 guests to cancel lunch or Afternoon Tea, and a minimum of 48 hours notice for tables of over 8 guests. There may be charges incurred for cancellations that occur after this time. See Booking Terms for full details.

Can I stay longer than my time limit?

Our table policy is only ever enforced during times where we have back-to-back bookings. If there is not another reservation after yours, or if we can move a later reservation to another table, we will not ask for the table to be returned. The time limit is 90 minutes.

It is important to be aware that we experience back to back bookings across most of our tables during peak periods such as Friday - Sunday,Bank Holidays or during busy lunch times.

Can I stay on for Gin71?

Cup and Gin71 operate separately. We therefore cannot guarantee that your table will be available after Cup closes at 5pm. For bookings at 3.30pm, where the 90 minute policy takes you up to 5pm, Gin71 are happy to allow customers to keep their tables, provided they are not required for specific use that evening. However Gin71 require a minimum drink spend of 2 drinks per person per hour in order to hold the table. Cup may require your table to settle their existing bill before they close at 5pm.

For more information regarding Gin71, please contact them directly: ,


Itison or Third Party Vouchers

Cup do not have any control over the terms and conditions of offers or deals sold by other businesses such as Itison or Groupon. These vouchers are restricted offers and can only be used in accordance with the terms of the voucher. Please ensure that you read all of the details of the deal BEFORE you purchase the voucher. If you wish to request a refund or return on a voucher, you must do so through the company who sold you it, as these are not sold by Cup and we have no method of refunding these purchases.


"If I can book a 'normal' table on your website for a particular date and time, why can't I book with my Itison voucher for that same time?"

As a business, we need to limit the number of tables we allow for Itison customers at any one time. Once a particular date and time already has a certain number of tables booked by Itison customers, it is no longer available for more of them to book. The Itison booking page will show no more availability in this case. There may still be other tables in the restaurant available, but not for use with Itison vouchers. This is true of any business which operate these deals. Simply put - we wouldn't be in business very long if we allowed every table to be booked using discounted Itison vouchers.

Use of customer contact information.

When you provide your email address while booking a table, or through purchasing a product on our website or through the website of one of our businesses, you will be sent a message asking if you wish to join our mailing list. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to add your email address to this list. 

We always include an opt-out link at the foot of every message should you wish to unsubscribe from our messages.
Your information is never shared with any third party or other company.

Gin71 opened in May 2014 and quickly became Glasgow's #1 Gin Bar. With over 71 premium gins and a fantastic range of cocktails, wine and beer it opens every evening from 6pm.

Gin71 is run and operated by Cup Glasgow Ltd, which is the parent company of Cup Tea Lounge and Cup Tea Room. While it is based at 71 Renfield Street in the same place as Cup Tea Lounge, it is a distinctly different offering with a different brand and setup. 

Before 5pm : Cup Tea Lounge

Brunch, light lunches, cupcakes and Afternoon Tea in a stunning Victorian style Tea Room.Serving a wide range of hand blended teas, coffee and hot chocolate.

Quiet and calm background music,bright and airy interior.

Brunch, Lunch and Afternoon Tea menus available.

Cup Cocktail Menu available. (G+Ts also available)

Teas and Coffees available.

After 5pm : Gin71

Glasgow's Top Gin Joint! A lively and sophisticated location to sample a fantastic range of the best gins from around the globe.

Louder music, live entertainment on certain nights, low lighting for a cosy and atmospheric setting.

Gin71 Gin Menu available.

Gin71 Extensive Cocktail Menu available.

Gin Flights and Special drinks offers available.